Dealing with Condensate and Moisture in Warehouses and Industrial Facilities

Naturally-occurring condensate and moisture, a common feature here in the South and Mid-Atlantic states, can be a real problem in warehouses and industrial production facilities.  Humidity condensing on concrete floors can be messy and hazardous to personnel.  For some industrial products, such as steel and glass, condensate can be costly as it leaves rust on the product or changes the desired chemical make-up of the final product.  For some processes, such as industrial painting and furniture finishing, it can be counter-productive and in some cases ruinous.  This is all the more frustrating by the fact that these environments are typically large, open, subject to heavy traffic, and hard to control.

However, moisture and humidity control can be accomplished through proper and innovative HVAC design.  There is typically no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but there are several options depending on the specifics of the case.  In some cases, de-stratification of the air through basic ventilation will solve the problem.  In others, cooling via mechanical refrigeration to remove moisture is necessary.  In many commercial situations, the equipment (heating and cooling) is already available and just not utilized in the right way.  Or, it may be enough to add a little heat to the space.  As odd as it sounds, this is often the most affordable solution, even in warmer months as what is required is just enough heat to change the dew point but not necessarily enough to raise the temperature in the whole space to an unbearable point.

In short, there are several options available.  RJ Owen Associates can help with the design, installation, and/or modification of HVAC systems for commercial, industrial, and production applications to solve humidity and moisture problems.  We have access to solid engineering; technical and factory support; and quality HVAC equipment and controls.  Contact us for a free consultation.  336-869-7579