The new generation gas detectors have arrived and are ready to ship.  Brasch Environmental’s new Gen2 series of gas detectors, transmitters, and remote panels are now available.  RJ Owen Associates has been an authorized distributor for Brasch gas detectors for twenty years.  We offer phone support for design and technical assistance and an online platform […]

I have often been asked by a client to help resolve inefficient unit heater applications.  Typically, we find unit heaters mounted about 8′–10′ off the floor in a room with 14′–26′ (or higher) ceilings.  In most of these cases the heater is a horizontal flow heater mounted so that the air is basically blowing horizontally, […]

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a real and present danger that is often overlooked in many commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.  At the same time, controlling and protecting against this hazard is relatively easy and affordable if done the right way.  The Centers for Disease Control report that over 400 Americans die each year of Carbon […]

Naturally-occurring condensate and moisture, a common feature here in the South and Mid-Atlantic states, can be a real problem in warehouses and industrial production facilities.  Humidity condensing on concrete floors can be messy and hazardous to personnel.  For some industrial products, such as steel and glass, condensate can be costly as it leaves rust on […]

Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detectors can be successfully utilized to ensure adequate ventilation in areas where automobile/truck exhaust is present.  However, it must be remembered the purpose of these detectors is keeping the space free from these toxins to ensure a healthy environment for people.  To that end, proper installation and placement is […]

RJ Owen Associates of High Point, NC just completed a complete refurbishment of a major warehouse heating system in Charlotte, NC.  A regional company recently purchased an old production facility along I-85 in Charlotte, NC.  The facility sat empty for over 10 years before purchase, during which time much of the installed equipment and wiring […]