Custom and Replacement HVAC Coils

sd-coil-blueRJ Owen Associates offers quality custom-made replacement and OEM HVAC coils; steam coils; hot and chilled water coils; DX refrigeration coils; and specialty coils such as integral face and bypass and high pressure/high temperature process coils.  We can offer high quality coils, built to your specification, with quality customer service and fair pricing.

We offer everything from small duct-mounted booster coils to industrial steam coils.  We can supply replacement condenser coils for most air conditioning system.  We also offer coils for hazardous environments with specialty coatings.  We use copper, stainless steel, aluminum, cupro-nickel, and carbon steel materials.

We have easy-to-read dimensional spec sheets for any type coil we provide.  You can make your measurements, send us the completed sheet, and we will provide you with a quick quote.  All of our coils are made in North America and are built to last.

Contact us with your needs today: 336-869-7579